TAK SHING MODEL CLOTHES RACK CO. was established in 2004 in Hong Kong, mainly designing and selling various kinds of STAINLESS STAIN RACK, IRON RACK, DISPLAY MANNEQUIN, HANGER, FITTING MODEL & DISPLAY RACK. Thanks to our excellent and variable design, we have successfully attracted massive customers. We believe that the only way to a design satisfactory product is toning and understanding the need of our clients, which is our aim.

If you are interested in our manufactures and have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


德成模特兒衣架公司在二零零四年成立於香港,主要是設計及銷售各類型不袗掛衣架及貨架、五金紐紋鐵衣架、時裝模特兒、塑膠衣架、製衣廠專用的板房吊模及陳列道具。因本公司的產品設計變化多樣, 已在短時間內吸納不少客戶。本公司相信,只有配合及了解客戶的需要,才能設計出令到客戶滿足的產品。因為,本公司一貫以【潮流隨我,我創潮流】的宗旨,為廣大客戶提供最新最齊全的貨品,務求令到客戶得到賓至如歸的感覺。




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